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Point began as a simple idea. In May 2015, founders Dean Marc and Marlie set out to create an intimate, underground after party in the heart of East London. Since then, Point has gone from strength to strength, now with 3 Sunday nights a month at 512 London, as well as pop-up parties everywhere from warehouses to forests, in London and beyond. 

The main Point is definitely to create a warm, uplifting and dynamic vibe music wise in an comfortable and easy going environment. To archive that we're keeping our events as underground as possible. Which means mostly, that we're organising a lot of afterparties in off locations all over east London. But also, we gonna stretch out our sensors in all directions, where the good vibes coming from. With an really international portfolio of our resident DJ's, we synergies these achievements quite well. Keep your eyes and ears open for a lot of upcoming events all over this year! We’re bringing it back to the real underground!! 

A lot of well known passionate artists played for Point already, like Valentino Kanzyani, Audio Werner, Francesco Del Garda, East End Dubs, Janina, Rick Maia, David Gtronic, Crocodile Soup, Little Hado, Cally, Triptil, Rossko, Peter Pixzel, Jacob Husley, Greg Brockmann, Voigtmann, Vid aka Egal 3, Alex Arnout just to name a few..  


That’s the point...

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